Loop Scheme : Artist Designs

The over arching proposal was to locate various loop sculptures around the development scheme. Loops could be made from different materials depending on their location such as wood, brick, turf and stainless steel. The loops could also be different scales and orientation.

Proposals for boundaries

'Loops' could be views through to urban landscape or cast aluminium plaques built into brick walls or fencing. 'Loop' plaques could be cast in aluminium with words or imagery developed in consultation workshops.

The loop form could be incorporated into street furniture to serve as an identity for the area.

Landmark sculptures

The loops could feature as possible plaza artworks for the new regenerated areas. They could provide focal points as part of the overall built scheme.

Stainless steel loops could be installed as part of paving schemes in varying sizes and positions.

The design could also be used as as a design signature for possible water features or built into paved areas as inset metalwork or brick pavers.

As we enter into a more technologically driven age the loops could form interesting frames or placeholders for projected media in communal areas.