A.I.R. scheme : Entrance Banners

Many residents expressed a wish to see the boundaries of the estate marked in some way. At the same time people were keen to see the Spitfire commemorated in some way as the estate had been a test airfield for the plane during World War II. The Wing banner structural designs were developed as a result of these discussions and were based on the distinctive profile of the spitfire wing whilst at the same time making reference to flight and feathers. The perforated steel inserts were designed to allow positive images of the estate to be designed and painted by residents. The resulting images are highly colourful and show exciting alternative aspects of the people on the estate and the activities that take place.

A total of 14 wing banners were installed, 8 sites on Tangmere Drive and 6 sites on Yatesbury Avenue.

Steel and perforated mesh panels

Approx. 6m x 1.5m

©Tim Tolkien/ CAN 1998

Fabricator : Rowley Engineering