A.I.R. scheme

We were commissioned in 1996 to undertake a Lottery funded two year public art residency on Castle Vale Estate working with the Housing Action Trust. The resulting Artist in Residence (A.I.R.) Scheme was developed by Tim Tolkien as our lead artist on the estate. The brief was to create 5 pieces of public art working with local residents which would contribute to the overall regeneration of the estate.

The first five schemes resulted in a bulb planting project, 10 ‘dream’ seats, entranceway features for Cadbury Drive, 14 large banner features for Yatesbury Avenue and Tangmere Drive, and pedestrian archways for Jackson and Clayton Walkways.

The AIR scheme received funding from the National Lottery Board, Castle Vale Housing Action Trust, and Birmingham City Council.

Client : Castle Vale Housing Action Trust

The Castle Vale Housing Estate was built during the 1960s. The site was an airfield and prior to that a sewerage treatment works. In 1993 the residents voted to take control of aspects of the estate through a Housing Action Trust.