Sellincourt Primary school

We were commissioned by the school Governors to deliver a refurbishment scheme for Sellincourt Primary school in Wandsworth, London.


The scope of works included internal spatial remodelling, specifying the interior as well as looking at external elements such as the main entrance.


An important part of the process was a parallel engagement programme working with staff and pupils to feed ideas into the scheme and to excite them about the possibilities that the refurbishment works could bring to their learning experience.


The design intent was to develop an interior scheme that could be deployed throughout the main school building and possibly to Early Years in a phased programme of works. Part of the initial design consultancy time was used to develop an overall scheme for decorations which could be rolled out across the school as and when funds became available.


The building is a standard Victorian period school structure circa 1907 with interesting original features many of which have been preserved despite later modifications. It would be fair to say that the building has suffered in recent years from some unsympathetic building works which have masked, over-sailed and in some cases destroyed original features. There was thus the need for some TLC to reveal the architecture and bring the building back to an environment fit for learning.


The first phase of works was scheduled for Summer 2015. The works included for most of the ground floor rooms with some exceptions and in particular a complete refurbishment of the two Year 1 classrooms.


The critical objectives for this first phase were to deliver a scheme that was on budget, on time and inspirational for staff and pupils when they returned.


In Summer 2015 we started the first phase of building works which included most of the Ground floor with particular emphasis on the main school entrance and 2 classrooms. Aside from producing all the specification drawings we also provided project management services throughout the 6 week building programme.