Fantastic. So bright and airy. The new school looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to come next week with my daughter; she'll love it.


Simply awesome.

Senior Architect for a Local Authority

Cantoo tailored their communication skills to the needs of the young people; for example when working with the autistic population, simplifying instructions given and planning 3 step tasks where there was immediate cause and effect. They engaged brilliantly with the service users, engaging and consulting with their ideas, expanding on their ideas and praising them throughout. Cantoo demonstrated excellent therapeutic use of self in their approach to engage service users, responding with humour to young people who engaged in playful ‘banter’ but with others being very gentle, quiet and calm to put the young people at ease”.

Senior Occupational Therapist / CAMHS unit

It wouldn't have happened without your input.

Senior Architect for a national practice

We've used Cantoo on many projects over 12 years. They are hugely personable and will integrate very quickly into a design team. They will get hold of the client brief and vision and engage empathetically with end-user experience so that they can see very early how the building will be used and will feel in use. Cantoo will then influence your design to ensure that the colours, wayfinding and graphic are considered at the earliest juncture. They will also influence the supply chain materials procured and, in doing this, will give you solutions that are embedded and not bolted on. This gives you both a robust building design and the best possible cost.

Senior Surveyor for a Main Contractor

Cantoo have spent time with our school community and translated our ethos into colours and shapes. This has created exactly the effect that we were hoping for. All the children (be they gifted or severely challenged in their academic life) have taken part in the design and feel that it belongs to them. The art work and colour schemes have complemented a very lovely design by the architects. The natural light and the position of the school in the community of Oakham has been used to create a lovely place to learn.

Headteacher - Primary school

Thank you for your contribution to our wonderful school - it has made such a difference.

Headteacher - SEN school

Our thanks for being the theme setters, artists, weavers of children's dreams and for the use of colour and ideas throughout the school.

Senior Architect for a Local Authority

Our building is absolutely wonderful, a high quality innovative vibrant environment that we now know 'truly' works for our pupils and school. What has pleased me most this last few weeks is seeing the impact on pupils and staff and the way that they have responded to the new opportunities created for learning. Thanks go to Cantoo for their inspirational design.

Headteacher - High School

I am convinced that the involvement of professional interior designers in the entire design process greatly contributed to the overall quality and feel of our new schools. They are quite stunning buildings, and the bold use of colours and finishes developed by the designers have helped produce the 'WOW' factor that we were looking for.

Education Client for a County Council

Your cross-school workshops and the design concepts that these generated proved very helpful in bringing the different pupil and staff communities together and generating a sense of ownership for this flagship building. The two storey banner, glazing manifestation and vinyl leaf stream all make a huge visual impact and are a constant reminder of the origins and thinking behind this co-location project. The colour palette and finishes schedule were an important finishing touch to what is a light, spacious and impressive building and in my opinion were significant in blurring the division between old and new which has been a particular triumph here.

Development Officer for a County Council

We have been grateful to be involved in the design right from the outset and believe it is a building that will enable us to translate our aspirations for young people.

Headteacher - High School

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