Community engagement

An extract from the artist's report ;


I’ve been running a series of exciting engagement sessions with 4 schools in Worcester to contribute ideas and develop themes for a large scale design on the glazing for the new Perdiswell Leisure Centre.


The vinyl manifestations will be installed onto glazing screens that span across large areas of the building frontage with some areas being up to 8 metres high.


Over the past few months I’ve worked with the Royal Grammar School, Heart of Worcestershire College (HOW), Tudor Grange Academy and Perdiswell Primary school.


Up to 100 young people aged from 11 to 18 years old have been involved in taking part in 2 workshops each of which lasted half a day. In all cases we began with some ‘water’ explorations; dropping ink into water and filming the resulting swirls with our phones, exploring pattern and light reflection from water, looking at colour. We’ve been using traditional art room techniques as well as new technology to capture this work.


The initial water experiments made sense because the Leisure Centre will be featuring an 8 lane competition pool. However during the course of the workshops we began to get more excited by the possibilities of looking at the natural environment around the building.


This led us to look more closely at leaves and natural forms. Young people collected fallen leaves and took rubbings, mixed colour combinations, digitally scanned and abstracted the shapes into paper cut patterns which were then collaged into exuberant designs.


One of the challenges of the art project is to turn all these numerous experiments and discoveries into a unified piece of artwork.


The final design will be a composition of many young people’s work and will be embedded into the building for its lifetime.