Suspended screens : Main Entrance

A series of suspended screens were developed for the scheme. Inspiration for the screen arrangement came from observation of microscopy images of cell structures particularly those images of butterfly wings. Various ecological surveys of local woods including Weekly Hall Wood have shown that they have been excellent places to find butterflies.


Each panel measures W600 x H1500 x 6mm suspended on 3mm cables from floor to ceiling. The whole assembly is over 9 metres wide by 6.5 metres high - very impressive when you see it close up.


The panels themselves are a mixture of either 3Form resin panels with various textures and interleaved colours or clear acrylic panels with optically clear printed film applied to one side. When the sun light catches the panels the whole room is suffused with glowing squares of colour.


The screen was installed over the main High school entrance and a second suspended screen with different artwork produced with the primary school pupils was located at the Primary school entrance.