Engagement workshops

Engagement workshops took place with pupils from both the Primary school and the High school. The two schools were on separate sites so the intention was to use the workshops to develop common design elements which would contribute to their unification once in the new building. The resulting resources from the workshops enabled artwork to be produced for two sets of suspended screens and installations of various sets of banners.


An extract from the blog;


This was the first day of workshops in the Primary school. The task - to develop ideas for the suspended screen proposal.


Workshops were arranged with a Y5 group in the morning and a Y2 group in the afternoon. We looked at examples of the resin and acrylic panels and talked about surface and pattern.

Then using leaves that we had collected outside ( they were quite wet!) we made rubbings of the leaves and commented on the vein patterns they created. The Y2 group thought this was quite magical. We also then explored the classroom and made rubbings of other surfaces to compare.