The Gog - Turning circle sculpture

The GOG sculpture was developed as a significant feature that would greet pupils as they first arrived at the school and give them a point of recognition.


Initial design sketches played with the form of the letter 'G' which was then extended to thoughts about curling waves and sea shells due to the proximity of the school to the coastline. The overall spiral shape also has the feeling of movement - a sort of whoosh which reflects the part that the school plays in developing and nurturing these young people.


The final form has been fabricated in 3 parts; a copper section representing the pupils, a stainless steel section representing parents and a base Cor-Ten section which represents the school.  The copper will verdigris over time to develop a mottled copper turquoise finish whilst the Cor-Ten is designed to build up a smooth patina of dark orange rust.


The GOG as it has become to be known was also used to inspire the various glazing manifestations and also more importantly the new branding for the school.