Engagement workshops

We involved the service users early on in an engagement programme which explored every aspect of the new building. These workshops generated ideas which helped to develop the concepts for the interior design of the building; providing a positive environment and one which will ease the service users' transition into their new building.


We used the workshop process to discuss how different colours made them feel which we then developed into a set of themes around nature with colour schemes linked to ‘Field + Sky’. This theme and the conversations we had were used to inform the naming of the 11 new wards such as Brook, Fern and Berry and also the colours, super graphics and zones around the building.


Extract from the artists' workshop report,

Initially everybody chose a colour and then explained why. For instance some of the young people said they chose a colour because of how it made them feel, others chose a colour because of what it reminded them of – like ‘home’.


We then chose a much larger selection of colours and stuck them onto A5 cards. This time the task was designed to encourage the young people to think about how they might balance colours to create a palette and where those colours might be applied. We talked about what sort of mood we wanted for the day room areas versus the bedrooms. We also talked about what patients thought about the existing colour scheme – “bland, boring, nasty” were fairly common responses.


In contrast patients expressed that they wanted the new building to be a calm place, somewhere that reminded them of home or at least “homely” – “chilled” was a word that popped up quite a few times along with “relaxing”.