Altro Headquarters 'Extruded' installation

Cantoo worked with Altro Flooring to design a unique installation using their Whiterock walling product.


A series of formed modular Whiterock panels were arranged across 3 floors to create a flowing extruded sculptural installation that animates the space and creates interest as the visitor travels through the building.


Why 'Extruded' ? - because this is the method of manufacture for the product. Therefore the installation extrudes through the space suggesting in places that it is emerging from the factory itself.


Using a mixture of Whiterock materials; Satin, Chameleon and Digiclad the installation demonstrate the versatility of the product. The installation also incorporate some of the new emerging uses for the product such as the CNC cut lettering with backlit LED lighting and the sensory input technologies.


As the Altro Headquarters already has a number of Whiterock installations throughout the building this feature takes a radically different approach and focuses on the 3 dimensional qualities of the product.


The installatione starts on the ground floor and emerges at the top of the second floor as suspended 'O' shapes which rotate and reflect the abundant light in this atrium space.