Rowley Campus : Shell Sculpture

The Rowley Spiral is constructed out of mild steel and powder coated. Standing approximately 2 metres tall, the spiral structure tapers towards the open end of the form. Profiled 5mm polished stainless steel lettering display the wording 'Rowley Learning Campus'. The Spiral is located at the start of the boulevard leading towards the main entrance.

Inspiration for the proposal came out of the workshop process. In particular at Whiteheath students explored shell shapes for their representation of safety and enclosure and at Westminster pupils looked at fingerprints and maze designs. The spiral form was conceptualised as being a metaphor for the site; the bringing together of three schools under one roof and the journey that each student will take through their learning programme.

The colour of the artwork was in part based on research (St Michaels in particular is a Church of England school) into colour values which states that Royal Purple symbolising the sovereignty of Christ is normally the liturgical colour.