Staffordshire Primary BSF

" ...always ask the children whether they like the design..."

Daniel 10yrs

" This is my favourite day. I liked it when we chose colours. My favourite part was when we got a tour outside. I loved this day but can't wait to go home "

George  9yrs

" Planning a blueprint is quite hard when your (sic) in a group because you have to decide what to do "

Jacob 9yrs

In November and December 2009 students from the secondary and primary  schools in Tamworth and Rugeley took part in a range of activities to investigate the design of the secondary schools which will be provided through the BSF programme.

As a consequence an event was held on Wednesday 10 February 2010 at The Pirelli Stadium, Burton on Trent. The event celebrated the work which the students produced for 'The Pupils’ Brief'. This piece of work will contribute and inform the design process for the secondary schools in Tamworth and Rugeley

The secondary school students took part in the 'Joined up Design for Schools' programme which was led by The Sorrell Foundation. This had 3 stages: a day in London in November when each school identified the priority issues for them in a new school and visited different buildings in London; a day at Conkers Discovery Centre in December 2009 when they began to develop their brief for the design team who will be appointed to deliver the new schools and the final day; the celebration day where students presented their work to eachother and invited guests from the schools and county council elected members and officers.

A complementary programme for primary school pupils from Tamworth and Rugeley was developed by the BSF team in Children,Young People and Families Directorate. Each school had the opportunity to take part in a one day programme at The National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas. This day consisted of 4 workshops which considered how we learn, where we learn, the importance of colour in school buildings and the outside environment.