Oakham Primary School - Colour scheme

A key element of the engagement sessions was to develop a colour scheme for the new build. Pupils looked at colour, made their own palettes and experimented with colour mixing. From this process a colour palette was derived which was then applied to all the interior finishes.

An extract from the pupil engagement blog explains the process;

In the colour workshops we talked about personal colour choices and chose a favourite colour which we stuck on a postcard and wrote our reason for the choice. It's apparent that people choose colours because of what they mean or how they make somebody feel - such as sad, happy or relaxed. Pupils then created a more complex colour palette using Dulux colour chips to put together a colour scheme. Again they were asked to describe what sort of mood this palette created - would it make an environment calm or energetic? Would it help to create a good learning environment?

This morning we experimented with colour mixing using special artist's guoache paints ( a type of professional water colour). Using just three dots of colour - the primarys; red, yellow and blue, we experimented with how to mix shades and hues. This is important work because the colour palette that will be devised for the new building will need to contain a range of colours and tonal differences, partly because it will satisfy some of the DDA requirements for colour contrast and LRV measures ( Light Reflectance Value) so that users will be able to move safely through the building, but also because these subtle colour values will add texture and interest into the colour scheme.