Milton Keynes Hospital Children's Unit

The project started with a commission from Milton Keynes Hospital and the Arts for Health team to develop a mural design for Ward 4 on the  Children's Unit.


The brief was to develop a feature that would enhance the ward with minimal maintenance implications. We ran some very successful engagement sessions with staff and young patients to create river themed artwork and this was then developed into a wall 'river' super graphic which was installed by local sign company Chameleon Co on the existing hygienic wall cladding panels along the main corridor leading into the ward.


The hospital were so delighted as were their patients that a few months later the hospital asked Cantoo to take on a much bigger scheme to help transform the entire Children’s Unit with a whole range of graphics and other associated refurbishments.


Part of the scheme included producing new layouts for the Play Area, coordinating the installation of OMI immersive technology as well as designing bespoke fitted furniture and specifying new loose furniture. We also helped to develop a colour scheme which was used as part of the ongoing decorating maintenance programme.


The project is being delivered in phases; Ward 4 was followed by Ward 5 and after that we will be looking at Milton Mouse which is the day centre for young out-patients.


Designer : Cantoo

Contractor : Chameleon Co

Client : MK Arts For Health / MK Hospital NHS

Milton Mouse Day Unit