MV16 : Interiors scheme

The colour scheme for the new centre was designed in conjunction with a design workshop with selected pupils from KE VII. Participants looked at Dulux colour swatches and created palettes based on preferences for how they wished the new learning environment to function. These ideas were then absorbed into a single unfying colour palette. This colour palette was then used to create the wall and floor colour schemes and the choices of furniture finishes throughout the building.


The essential design principles were that a strong deep blue was used as a signature colour alongside a set of muted complementary secondary colours. The intention was to create an interior that had an adult and sophisticated feel and one that provided a harmonious learning environment.


The signature colour  is expressed externally on the render on the entrance elevation and continues into the main entrance lobby. A curved wall leading to the Cafe area stamps the 'corporate' ID with the signature blue which is repeated on the first floor looking back from the drama space on the ground floor. The first floor LRC floating box is highlighted with a vibrant blue only used on those three walls to draw attention to the architectural form.